How to Have Peace in Your Body, Spirit and Mind


Today I share some revelations  Jesus shared with me about how to have peace and power so that you have a healthy mind, body and spirit. For more information  on this subject go to

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Sex & The Christian- What is Ok & What is not


Here is a touchy subject no pun intended. Ok I was making a joke. But seriously I have had people over the years ask me this question. I have avoided this subject however God has been asking me to teach on this, this  morning. So listen to my about 20 minutes message on the 3 rules of Christian Sex! I have included a section that will require you to listen hard or you will get the idea that I am promoting sin. I am not saying it is ok to sin. Please listen before you write me any "you are a false prophet" letters! Thanks


Are You Speaking Normal Words or Supernatural Words?


WORDS! The sound that comes out of your mouth creates the world you live in! What kind of words are you speaking and allowing to be spoken over you? You are a  king and you need to decree what God says about your situation. You have been given power to change anything. Listen to today's blog post about the power of WORDS!


TONGUES the Holy Spirit In YOU- Your Mandate to DOMINATE


Tongues one of the most important things a Christian can have yet so fought over not by non-Christians but by Christians who fight to make people believe it is not for them. Tongues is a MAJOR tool, weapon and BLESSING to live a victorious life. The tongue was a deadly thing full of poison that is what the book of James says, yet now as NEW Covenant Christian TONGUES has become NEW weapon (see Eph 6). Our tongue speaking in English can change the world. Tongues a language between our spirit and the Holy Spirit without OUR limited knowledge is prayer and power based on FAITH and the Holy Spirit. What a tool what a weapon. I pray as you listen to today's blog and go to my site and listen to other many teaching I have on tongues you are set free to walk in the power of Tongues.

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The Law Brings Fear but Son-ship Brings Fun


Jesus died on the cross to restore you back to Son-Ship with your Father not to obeying laws you could never keep! Being a Christian is about a relationship with God. As a son or child of God it brings God pleasure to spend time with you. What brings you joy brings Him joy. He is a proud Daddy of you and loves everything about you.Listen to today's blog about becoming Son-minded instead of Law-minded! 


YOU Are Special!


God has a message for YOU. He created you and you are loved and special. Listen to today's blog post.


Your Gifts, Calling, Office What is the Difference


Have you ever wondered if everyone can lay hands on people and see them healed or if that is just for people with the gift of faith. Have you wondered what to do with your gifts and why you had them? Today listen to the reason and purpose of your gifts.


Supernatural Experiences with My Bridegroom. How to Experience Jesus


When you are a Christian you should be experiencing a relationship with Jesus. Listen to today's blog on how to experience Jesus.


How to Be Lead by the Holy Spirit Rather Than the Old Covenant LAW by Robin Bremer


When you get saved you become a SON of GOD! You are no longer under the law but are now part of the FAMILY. Being part of the family should change your thinking and how your behave. You no longer are separated from God by your old sin nature, you now are righteous through Jesus' obedience and fulfillment to the law. For more on this subject or to download my free booklets and tools go to


God’s Timing on Healing by Robin Bremer


God's Timing on Healing is ALWAYS NOW! Did you know that over 2,000 years ago before you were even born you were healed? Yes,  When Jesus died on the cross for your lifetime of sins He ALSO took EVERY sickness, disease and weakness on Himself so YOU would not have to have it! He did it ALL on the cross at the same time. Healing and Salvation are all one package done by Jesus when He was beaten on the cross and hung on the cross.Listen to today's blog on God's timing on healing and read more on this subject on my blog

I pray today that you would receive your total healing in Jesus name.

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