How to HONOR the BLOOD of Jesus


Honor comes in many ways. You will be surprised at ways we are not honoring the blood and in simple ways we can honor the blood.Listen to today's post and go to my blog for more information.


Tithing Part 2 The Law or Grace. Sowing into a Supernatural Harvest


Today is part 2 on tithing. Is tithing of God is it for today? Is tithing under the law? Listen to today's blog. For  more on this subject go to:


Tithing Old Law? Sowing into Your Partnership with God Part 1


Today I share  on tithing. I pray you are blessed when you look at tithing from the angle of GRACE.


For This Purpose YOU are a KING


You have been made a king to rule on the earth according to the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in you. You are to do certain things as a king. Today's blog is about WHAT a king does!


You Own the Earth as Co-Owner with Jesus


Jesus paid for you to be restored to your original position of owner of the earth. God made man to have dominion over all the earth and Jesus restored you back to that position. He did not die so you would have to MAKE payments on what is already yours.Today's Blog post is about, using your faith to have debt free living.


Go From Survival mode to Dominion


God has created you to have dominion over all the earth. You are the owner of earth, joint owners with Jesus! Listen to today's blog on how to go from survival mode to dominating as a king. For more information on this subject go to


God is NOT in Control of the World! The Church is! He is in Control of the Church.


God is not in control of the world, the church is and God is in control of the church. Listen to the scriptures that shows that you are in charge bringing God's will on earth as it is in heaven!


TONGUES Co-Partners With The Government


TONGUES your power to change the world. Tongues is you partnering with the government, the kingdom of God. You are the Military Tank that carries the weapon to enforce the rule of God on earth. You are to speak God's words and God's orders and things should obey you. By spending time praying in tongues (or called,  praying in the  spirit) you are getting your direction. Tongues is your connection to the SUPERNATURAL power and presence of God. When you have that connection you will always know what to do and have confident to do it. Your job is to spend time praying in tongues to receive direction, protections, wisdom, favor, and to pray correctly and receive answered prayer. God use the authority your voice gives you ( God gave MAN ALL power on earth) to bring heaven on earth! So listen to today's blog for more exciting information on praying in tongues.


The Partnership of the Sword & The Shield


The sword and the  shield are in partnership. Listen to today's blog on how each one empowers the other.For more information on this subject go to my blog


You Transport the King & the Kingdom


Today I want to share an AWESOME revelation Holy Spirit shared with me the other day. This is the type of revelation that will change your life. Do you know that you are the flesh that allows the Holy Spirit to manifest on the earth and the Holy Spirit is the thing that allows you to carry His power and presence! You are the flesh that is wrapped around the Holy Spirit. You are the MOBILE TEMPLE that carries the VERY PRESENCE and POWER OF GOD!

For more information about this subject go to

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